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Self, mental health, and social space: recovering after months at home

Avenue Campus
Age suitable for: All ages

Date and Time (UK time):
20/11/2021 13:00-14:00

Our sense of self depends on socially constructed environments, objects, and patterns of activity. The pandemic disrupted our patterns, expelling us from our familiar environments and forcing us indoors, on computers, communicating in unfamiliar, strained ways. Many of us have experienced lapses in well-being and psychological function as a result, with blows to mental health, memory, and cognitive abilities that are environmentally embedded. Having taken our spaces and patterns for granted, the experience shocked many of us, even in near-traumatic ways.

To recover, it will help to understand what happened to us.

This interactive talk seeks an understanding, building on ideas from the 'extended mind' and 'embodied' and 'embedded cognition' traditions in philosophy of mind, and from the neurodiversity and cognitive disability literature. But it begins with the grassroots, drawing on your experiences, and on lived experience as showcased through exhibits, in person and online, from staff, students, and people from the community.

The activity will include interactive exhibits, a talk that will be broadcast online and a group discussion, including virtual drop-ins, and your contributions to an in-person memory tree.

With permission, many results will be collected on a website at the end.