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What will drone highways look and sound like?

Avenue Campus
Age suitable for: 7+

Drones are now being used in a variety of different areas from estate agents taking aerial photos of houses, to farmers seeing which areas of their fields need fertilising, to medical products being moved between hospitals.

How would you feel about drones carrying medical products travelling along pre-agreed flight paths that might follow existing roads or travel close to houses and schools? What would these drones look and sound like from the ground and what would they be able to see from the air?

Drones are currently not allowed to fly 'beyond visual line of sight' in the UK without special permission so the general public does not have any experience of what they might look and sound like if commercial operations are allowed in the future.

Using augmented reality headsets, our exhibit will allow you to look at the world around you in real time whilst experiencing the sensation of drone flight paths overhead. What would they look and sound like at different flying altitudes and trajectories relative to your location? You will be able to experience this and form your own opinion.