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Chinese Health Qigong

Age suitable for: 7+

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Baduanjin is an ancient Chinese Qigong exercise for health, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It is believed to have been created 1000 years ago by the Chinese General Yue Fei, for improving his warriors' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Baduanjin is very popular in the Far East, due to its health benefits and simplicity. More explicitly, it consists of eight techniques that are practised repetitively, and each technique is designated to improve a certain part of the body and mind. It is very beneficial in today's society, where we tend to work long hours, sitting in front of a computer.

Baduanjin can reduce the stress in your body, especially the back, the neck, the wrist, and the waist. It can be practised in a small office space and you only need about 15 minutes to complete this video-driven exercise.