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Gay lifestyle depicted in Arts

Age suitable for: All ages

Date and Time (UK time):
22/02/2022 12:00-13:00

The University of Southampton's Pulse LGBT+ Staff Network and the School of Healthcare Enterprise and Innovation would like to invite you to an online talk featuring Dr Brian Pickering, a Research Fellow at the University.

Understanding the lifestyles of others - and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in general - is not just about getting used to someone from an ethnic minority in an advert, or a gay couple on a game show, or trying to avoid language and words which could be offensive. Social media, pop, films and books also have a part to play in showing others how members of a minority group feel and behave. More than that, even, they reveal the real issues for that group and how they contribute and enhance the broader community and society.

This talk looks at some of the ways that a gay lifestyle is presented in culture today, giving not only a social psychological explanation, but also providing evidence for the important social and cultural contribution that this group makes to contemporary society.

A Senior Research Fellow at the University, Dr Pickering 's many accomplishments include focus on social machines, user engagement with technology and the socio-economic aspects of technology adoption, in particular user trust attitudes when using healthcare technologies and when faced with the cyber-security threats.

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