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Thank you for your interest in taking part to Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival 2023!

This year, you will be able to choose one of the following event/activity formats:

  • WIDER FESTIVAL | an online or in person event or digital activity (e.g. live event, pre-recorded video/podcast, downloadable resources)
  • HANDS ON HUMANITIES DAY | an interactive activity, talk, workshop, exhibit, live performance for Saturday 18th November 2023 at the Avenue Campus (exclusively).

How to register

To make a submission and save key dates on your calendar, please carefully follow the instructions in this section.

DEADLINE Black History Month Monday 18th September 2023
DEADLINE Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival (WIDER FESTIVAL) Monday 2nd October 2023
DEADLINE Hands-on Humanities Day - STAGE 1 (overview) Monday 18th September 2023
DEADLINE Hands-on Humanities Day - STAGE 2 (logistics) Monday 16th October 2023
DEADLINE Hands-on Humanities Day - STAGE 3 (risk assessment) Monday 30th October 2023
DEADLINE UK Disability History Month Monday 30th October 2023

Please note:

  • if running multiple activities, please make a separate entry for each one;
  • do not use your University ID and password to log in (see below);
  • to explore resources to help you craft your activity, visit (restricted to UoS users);
  • to add relevant key dates and crucial deadlines to your calendar, click on the calendar icons in the tables below to download the .ics file;
  • to edit a submitted activity, please use the dedicated URL, ID and password provided in the latest automated email you received from the system.

Before getting started, please make sure to familiarise with the step-by-step process and get the log in details (ID and password) in the documents called 'Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival - 2023 Registration process' or 'Hands-on Humanities Day - 2023 Registration process', available at the following

When you are ready to make a submission, please click the blue button below.

What's next after submission:

  • Once you have submitted a form, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a summary of the information entered.
  • Upon acceptance/pending status of your submission, you will receive an automated email with a dedicated URL to your activity, username and password, including a link to preview your activity and next action points. These details must be used to edit your entrance or add any pending information.
  • If you did not receive any automated email from us within an hour after submission, please check your spam folder first and if not resolved, get in touch.

New to Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival?

  • If you never heard of or haven't taken part in Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival, please find out more in the FAQ for Exhibitors.
Black History Month Sunday 1st October 2023 - Tuesday 31st October 2023
Southampton Arts and Humanities Festival Thursday 9th November 2023 - Saturday 18th November 2023
Hands-on Humanities Day Saturday 18th November 2023
UK Disability History Month Thursday 16th November 2023 - Saturday 16th December 2023

Please note: your contact details will be used exclusively for managing the organisation of the event you are taking part in and will not be shared with other parties.

The UoS Festival Team
Public Engagement with Research unit (PERu), University of Southampton