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Chinese Calligraphy - hands-on brush writing

Avenue Campus

Building: B65

Room: Level 1, Rm 1097

Age suitable for: 5+


Chinese Calligraphy has been appreciated more for its aesthetic quality over the years. It is also regarded as one of the arts in the countries where it is practised.

Chinese calligraphy focuses not only on methods of writing but also on cultivating one's character. It is also a good practice to reduce your stress and contribute to your wellbeing.

While you are practising, you need to be calm and be very focused on the control of the brush. You then must let go of any other thoughts in your mind, which gives a good break to your brain and helps you feel less stressed.

This in-person activity will have tutors from the Confucius Institute to demonstrate how to use ink and brushes to write Chinese words and you will get a chance to practise.

You may also have your name beautifully written in Chinese calligraphy by the tutors and take it home!